Recommended Guitar Gear

I’ve been playing acoustic guitar for over 10 years now.

I have always been one to search for top quality at an affordable price. This is all of the gear I use to make sure everything sounds and feels high quality.

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Fender Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Bundle

This acoustic-electric guitar bundle is perfect for beginners that comes with a cord to plugin to an amp, a strap, picks, gig bag, and strings.

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Snark SN-8 Super Tight All Instrument Tuner

I’ve been using the Snark tuner for years and have only had to replace the battery once. Other than that, it’s super accurate and is the best I’ve found at getting your guitar tuned quickly.

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6 String Acoustic Guitar Capo

This capo gets the job done and is super cheap.

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Dunlop Max Grip 1.0mm Nylon Picks

There’s nothing worse than playing live on stage and having a pick slip out from your hand (I know from experience). I switched to these max grip picks which work amazingly well and are much easier to grip.

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Universal Guitar Stand

I recommend getting a universal guitar stand since it works for just about a lot of different stringed instruments such as acoustic guitars, electric guitars, banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, and more.

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Levy’s 2″ Wide Quick Adjust Guitar Strap

This is the guitar strap I’ve been using for several years now without any problems. Works great!

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