Best Guitar Channels On YouTube 2024

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YouTube has become the ultimate playground for guitarists to showcase their skills, share their knowledge, and inspire countless others to embark on their own musical journeys. So, whether you’re looking to fine-tune your technique, expand your musical horizons, or simply lose yourself in the virtuosity of guitar wizardry, we’ve curated a list of the best guitar channels on YouTube that are guaranteed to strike a chord with you.

From electrifying performances to insightful tutorials and everything in between, these guitar channels on YouTube are the sonic sanctuaries where the strings come alive, and the magic of music unfolds. Get ready to immerse yourself in a symphony of sound and let these guitar YouTube channels be your guide on the path to guitar greatness.

Best Guitar Channels on YouTube

1. Marty Music

Marty Music YouTube Channel
Marty Music is a highly regarded guitar tutorial channel hosted by Marty Schwartz. With his down-to-earth teaching style and extensive repertoire of lessons, Marty caters to guitarists of all skill levels. His channel offers a wide range of tutorials, covering popular songs, essential techniques, music theory, and more. Marty’s engaging personality and approachable teaching methods have earned him a dedicated following, making his channel a go-to resource for guitarists seeking practical and enjoyable lessons.

2. JustinGuitar

JustinGuitar YouTube Channel
JustinGuitar, founded by Justin Sandercoe, is one of the most comprehensive and influential guitar tutorial channels on YouTube. Justin’s channel is known for its structured approach to learning guitar, starting from beginner-friendly lessons and progressing to more advanced topics. His vast library of tutorials covers everything from chords, scales, and techniques to song lessons in various genres. Justin’s clear teaching style, along with his dedication to helping guitarists develop their skills, has made his channel a favorite among beginners and intermediate players alike.

3. GuitarJamz

GuitarJamz YouTube Channel
GuitarJamz, hosted by Marty Schwartz, is a popular destination for guitar enthusiasts seeking easy-to-follow tutorials. Marty covers a broad range of guitar topics, including song lessons, chord progressions, scales, soloing techniques, and more. His friendly and patient teaching style makes learning guitar accessible and enjoyable. GuitarJamz is particularly well-regarded for its extensive collection of song tutorials, where Marty breaks down popular songs into manageable parts, enabling aspiring guitarists to learn their favorite tracks with ease.

4. Andy Guitar

Andy Guitar YouTube Channel
Andy Guitar, hosted by Andy Crowley, is a highly regarded guitar tutorial channel aimed at beginners and intermediate players. Andy provides structured lessons that cover essential topics such as chords, strumming patterns, scales, and song tutorials. His teaching style is friendly, clear, and concise, making it easy for viewers to follow along and progress on their guitar journey. In addition to his free YouTube lessons, Andy offers premium courses on his website for those seeking more in-depth learning experiences. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your skills, Andy Guitar provides a solid foundation for guitarists of all levels.

5. Paul Davids

Paul Davids YouTube Channel
Paul Davids is a skilled guitarist and educator known for his exceptional playing and informative videos. His channel offers a variety of lessons, including tutorials on technique, theory, improvisation, gear reviews, and creative exercises. Paul’s content is often visually engaging, featuring high-quality production and captivating performances. Whether you’re looking to improve your technical skills or expand your musical knowledge, Paul Davids’ channel provides a wealth of valuable resources.

6. GuitarLessons365Song

GuitarLessons365Song YouTube Channel
GuitarLessons365Song, hosted by Carl Brown, is a comprehensive guitar tutorial channel that focuses on teaching songs. Carl meticulously breaks down popular songs from a wide range of genres and eras, providing detailed explanations of the chords, riffs, and solos. His tutorials include accurate transcriptions and close-up demonstrations to help you learn the songs accurately and efficiently. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, GuitarLessons365Song is an excellent resource for mastering your favorite songs.

7. Rick Beato

Rick Beato YouTube Channel
Rick Beato’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of music-related content, including guitar lessons, music theory explanations, ear training exercises, gear reviews, and insightful discussions on music production. Rick’s extensive knowledge as a musician, producer, and teacher shines through in his videos, providing valuable insights and guidance for guitarists of all levels. Whether you’re interested in improving your playing skills or expanding your musical understanding, Rick Beato’s channel offers a wealth of educational content.

8. Music is Win

Music is Win YouTube Channel
Music is Win, hosted by Tyler Larson, is a channel that combines guitar lessons, entertaining sketches, gear demos, and music-related humor. Tyler’s engaging personality and lighthearted approach make his videos both informative and enjoyable to watch. The channel offers a variety of lessons covering techniques, theory, and song tutorials. Additionally, Music is Win features collaborations with other musicians, interviews, and gear reviews, making it a well-rounded resource for guitar enthusiasts.

9. Rob Scallon

Rob Scallon YouTube Channel
Rob Scallon’s YouTube channel showcases his incredible talent as a guitarist and songwriter. With a diverse range of content, Rob covers a wide array of guitar-related topics, including original compositions, creative cover arrangements, gear demonstrations, and music experiments. Rob’s innovative and unconventional approach to the guitar inspires viewers to think outside the box and explore new possibilities on their instrument.

10. SteveTerreberry

SteveTerreberry YouTube Channel
SteveTerreberry, also known as “Stevie T,” is a highly entertaining and comedic guitarist who creates humorous music-related content. While his videos often incorporate humor and satire, Steve also provides guitar lessons, gear reviews, and demonstrations of various playing styles. His unique blend of humor and guitar education makes his channel an enjoyable and light-hearted resource for guitar enthusiasts.

11. Jared Dines

Jared Dines YouTube Channel
Jared Dines is a multi-talented musician known for his energetic performances and versatile content. On his YouTube channel, Jared showcases his guitar skills through covers, original compositions, and collaborations. Additionally, he offers guitar tutorials, gear reviews, and funny sketches. Whether you’re looking to improve your playing, discover new music, or simply be entertained, Jared Dines’ channel has something to offer.

12. Samurai Guitarist

Samurai Guitarist YouTube Channel
Samurai Guitarist, hosted by Cody, delivers a unique blend of guitar tutorials, music theory lessons, gear reviews, and creative arrangements. Cody’s passion for music and his laid-back teaching style make his videos engaging and enjoyable to watch. He covers a wide range of guitar-related topics, offering insights and tips that can benefit guitarists of all levels.

13. Adam Neely

Adam Neely YouTube Channel
Adam Neely is a renowned bassist, composer, and music educator known for his deep understanding of music theory and insightful analysis of various musical topics. While his channel primarily focuses on bass guitar, Adam’s content offers valuable insights and lessons that apply to guitarists as well. His videos explore music theory, rhythm, improvisation, and various musical genres, making his channel a thought-provoking resource for musicians seeking a deeper understanding of music.

14. Ben Eller

Ben Eller YouTube Channel
Ben Eller is a highly skilled guitarist and instructor known for his expertise in rock and metal guitar. His YouTube channel features a wide range of guitar lessons, covering techniques, improvisation, theory, and song tutorials. Ben’s enthusiastic and detailed teaching style, combined with his impressive playing ability, makes his channel a valuable resource for guitarists looking to develop their skills in the rock and metal genres.

15. GuitarZero2Hero

GuitarZero2Hero YouTube Channel
GuitarZero2Hero is a comprehensive guitar tutorial channel hosted by Paul Andrews. The channel offers easy-to-follow lessons for players of all levels, with a focus on teaching popular songs. Paul breaks down the songs step-by-step, providing chord diagrams, strumming patterns, and useful tips. GuitarZero2Hero is a great resource for those looking to learn their favorite songs quickly and effectively.

16. Sean Daniel

Sean Daniel YouTube Channel
Sean Daniel’s YouTube channel provides a mix of guitar lessons, song tutorials, gear reviews, and music theory discussions. With his relaxed and approachable teaching style, Sean covers various genres and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, Sean’s channel offers a diverse range of content to help you improve your guitar skills and broaden your musical horizons.

17. Swiftlessons

Swiftlessons YouTube Channel
Swiftlessons, hosted by Rob Swift, offers a wide range of guitar lessons and tutorials. Rob covers various styles, including blues, jazz, funk, and acoustic guitar. His channel provides detailed explanations of techniques, chords, scales, and song lessons. With a focus on clear instruction and musicality, Swiftlessons is a valuable resource for guitarists looking to expand their knowledge and repertoire.

18. LickNRiff – Free Guitar Education

LickNRiff – Free Guitar Education YouTube Channel
LickNRiff, created by Tommaso Zillio, is a channel dedicated to fingerstyle and classical guitar playing. Tommaso offers in-depth lessons, focusing on technique, theory, composition, and arrangements. His detailed and methodical approach to teaching ensures that viewers develop a solid foundation in fingerstyle guitar playing. LickNRiff is a valuable resource for those interested in expanding their fingerstyle repertoire and skills.

19. The Art of Guitar

The Art of Guitar YouTube Channel
The Art of Guitar, hosted by Mike G, provides a unique approach to guitar instruction, focusing on the development of technique, musicianship, and the mental aspects of playing. Mike’s videos cover topics such as efficient practice methods, overcoming technical challenges, and cultivating a musical mindset. The channel is particularly helpful for intermediate to advanced players looking to deepen their understanding and connection with the instrument.

20. GuitarLessons

GuitarLessons YouTube Channel is a comprehensive guitar tutorial channel that covers a wide range of topics, including chords, scales, technique exercises, music theory, and song tutorials. The channel features lessons for players of all levels, from beginners to advanced guitarists. With a large library of lessons and a team of experienced instructors, offers a valuable resource for guitarists seeking structured and well-explained lessons.

21. YourGuitarSage

YourGuitarSage YouTube Channel
YourGuitarSage, hosted by Erich Andreas, provides guitar lessons focusing on practical techniques, song tutorials, and music theory. Erich’s teaching style is engaging and encouraging, making his lessons accessible to players of all levels. In addition to his YouTube channel, he offers comprehensive courses and resources on his website for those looking for more in-depth guitar education.

22. GuitarLessonsCom

GuitarLessonsCom YouTube Channel
GuitarLessonsCom is an educational channel dedicated to guitar tutorials, lessons, and tips. The channel covers a wide range of topics, including chords, scales, strumming patterns, and song lessons in various genres. With a team of instructors, GuitarLessonsCom provides a diverse array of lessons suitable for beginners and intermediate players.

23. Pebber Brown

Pebber Brown YouTube Channel
Pebber Brown’s YouTube channel offers a wealth of guitar lessons and tutorials for players of all levels. Pebber’s approach to teaching emphasizes proper technique, music theory, and disciplined practice routines. His channel features lessons on scales, chords, improvisation, and exercises to improve finger dexterity and coordination. Pebber Brown’s instructional content is valuable for guitarists looking to enhance their technical skills and overall musicianship.

24. Troy Grady

Troy Grady YouTube Channel
Troy Grady’s YouTube channel focuses on exploring the techniques and mechanics behind guitar playing. Through detailed analysis and slow-motion footage, Troy breaks down the playing styles of renowned guitarists, providing insights into their picking techniques and approaches to the instrument. His channel is a valuable resource for players interested in improving their technical skills and understanding the mechanics of guitar playing.

25. Guitar Pilgrim

Guitar Pilgrim YouTube Channel
Guitar Pilgrim, hosted by Cameron Cooper, is a channel dedicated to guitar lessons and tutorials. Cameron covers a variety of topics, including chords, scales, improvisation, and song arrangements. His teaching style is relaxed and accessible, making it suitable for guitarists of all levels. Guitar Pilgrim is a great resource for those seeking practical guidance and inspiration on their guitar journey.

26. CSGuitar89

CSGuitar89 YouTube Channel
CSGuitar89, known as Christian, is a guitarist who specializes in creating guitar covers of video game music. His YouTube channel features impressive arrangements and performances of popular video game soundtracks on electric guitar. CSGuitar89’s channel is a must-visit for guitarists who are fans of gaming and want to explore unique musical interpretations.

27. Guitar World

Guitar World YouTube Channel
Guitar World is a renowned guitar magazine that also has a YouTube channel. Their channel features a diverse range of content, including guitar lessons, gear demonstrations, interviews with notable guitarists, and performance videos. With contributions from various guitar experts and artists, Guitar World offers a wide array of guitar-related resources for players of all levels and interests.

28. Guitarist Magazine

Guitarist Magazine YouTube Channel
Guitarist Magazine, a popular guitar publication, has a YouTube channel that covers a broad range of guitar-related content. The channel features gear reviews, lessons, interviews, and performances from accomplished guitarists across different genres. Whether you’re looking for gear recommendations, learning resources, or artist spotlights, Guitarist Magazine’s YouTube channel is a valuable source of information and inspiration.

29. Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar YouTube Channel
Premier Guitar is a well-respected guitar media company with a YouTube channel that offers a wide variety of guitar-related content. Their channel includes gear reviews, rig rundowns, interviews, lessons, and performance videos from renowned guitarists. Premier Guitar’s content caters to guitar enthusiasts, gearheads, and players of all levels, providing a mix of informative and entertaining videos.

30. Andertons Music Co

Andertons Music Co YouTube Channel
Andertons Music Co is a popular music store based in the UK, and their YouTube channel features a wealth of guitar-related content. The channel includes gear demos, comparisons, reviews, and interviews with both established and up-and-coming artists. With a focus on gear and equipment, Andertons Music Co’s channel offers valuable insights for guitarists looking to explore different tones and expand their gear knowledge.

These guitar channels on YouTube provide a wide range of resources for guitar enthusiasts, including guitar lessons, guitar tutorials, guitar gear reviews, performances, and insightful discussions. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced guitar player, exploring these channels can enhance your guitar skills, knowledge, and overall enjoyment of the instrument.

Best Guitar Channels on YouTube FAQ

What are the best YouTube channels to learn guitar?

There are several great YouTube channels that can help you learn guitar. Here are some popular ones:

  1. JustinGuitar: Justin Sandercoe’s channel offers a comprehensive range of guitar lessons, from beginner to advanced. It covers various genres and provides structured courses for learning guitar.
  2. Marty Music: Marty Schwartz’s channel is known for its easy-to-follow tutorials and covers a wide range of genres and techniques. It also includes song lessons and gear reviews.
  3. This channel offers a mix of lessons for different skill levels. It covers chords, scales, techniques, and has a variety of song lessons.
  4. Andy Guitar: Andy Crowley’s channel focuses on beginner and intermediate guitar lessons. It offers step-by-step tutorials, song lessons, and tips for improving your playing.
  5. Paul Davids: Paul Davids’ channel combines guitar tutorials, gear reviews, and music theory explanations. It covers various styles, including fingerstyle and blues.

Who is the best YouTuber at guitar?

The perception of who is the best YouTuber at guitar can vary depending on personal preferences and individual skill levels. However, some popular and highly skilled YouTubers known for their guitar playing include:

  1. Rob Scallon: Rob is known for his technical skill and creative approach to guitar playing. He showcases a wide range of techniques and often incorporates humor into his videos.
  2. Tina S: Tina is a highly talented guitarist known for her exceptional fingerstyle playing and cover performances. Her precision and musicality have gained her a significant following on YouTube.
  3. Mateus Asato: Mateus is revered for his virtuosic guitar playing, often showcasing his mastery of improvisation and unique approach to the instrument. He incorporates elements of jazz, rock, and fusion into his playing.
  4. Ichika Nito: Ichika’s channel features impressive guitar performances, often combining intricate tapping, slapping, and other techniques. His style blends elements of math rock, jazz, and fusion.
  5. Luca Stricagnoli: Luca is renowned for his innovative and percussive fingerstyle guitar playing. He often plays multiple guitars simultaneously and creates stunning arrangements of popular songs.

Is YouTube a good place to learn guitar?

Yes, YouTube is an excellent place to learn guitar. It provides a vast array of resources, tutorials, and lessons from experienced guitarists and instructors. Many YouTube channels offer structured courses for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced guitarists. Additionally, YouTube provides the convenience of learning at your own pace, as you can access the lessons whenever it suits you. However, it’s important to note that while YouTube can be a valuable resource, it’s also beneficial to supplement your learning with practice, playing with others, and seeking feedback from teachers or experienced musicians.

What YouTube channel teaches guitar?

There are numerous YouTube channels dedicated to teaching guitar. Some popular channels specifically focused on teaching guitar include:

  1. JustinGuitar
  2. Marty Music
  4. Andy Guitar
  5. GuitarJamz
  6. Swiftlessons
  7. YourGuitarSage
  8. Steve Stine
  9. StichMethod Guitar
  10. GuitarLessons365

These channels offer a wide range of lessons covering various styles, techniques, and skill levels. It’s worth exploring different channels to find the one that aligns with your learning preferences and goals.

Who is the best YouTube fingerstyle guitarist?

Determining the “best” fingerstyle guitarist on YouTube is subjective and can vary depending on individual preferences. However, some highly regarded fingerstyle guitarists with popular YouTube channels include:

  1. Tommy Emmanuel: Tommy is a renowned fingerstyle guitarist known for his incredible technical skills and emotive playing. His channel features live performances, tutorials, and insights into his playing style.
  2. Sungha Jung: Sungha gained international recognition at a young age for his fingerstyle guitar arrangements. His channel showcases his talent through cover performances and original compositions.
  3. Igor Presnyakov: Igor is known for his fingerstyle guitar arrangements of popular songs. His channel features a wide range of covers, often with a unique twist.
  4. Kelly Valleau: Kelly is a fingerstyle guitarist who arranges and performs popular songs on the guitar. His channel offers tutorials and covers of various genres and styles.
  5. Gabriella Quevedo: Gabriella is a fingerstyle guitarist from Sweden known for her melodic arrangements and cover performances. Her channel features a mix of popular songs and original compositions.

These are just a few examples, and there are many talented fingerstyle guitarists on YouTube. Exploring their channels can provide inspiration and help you discover new techniques and arrangements.

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